A Guide to the Best Vehicles for Off-Roading

by Tire Agent Staff

Tire Agent's list of our favorite vehicles for off-roading and 4WD adventures for 2022.


A Guide to Using 4WD (4x4 Explained)

by Tire Agent Staff

Knowing how to operate 4WD will enable you to overcome the most challenging on- and off-road situations, including deep snow and steep mountains.


Tips For Surviving Used Car Inflation

by Tire Agent Staff

Where can you find the best deals on used cars, especially when inflation is at record highs? When is a good time to buy a used car?


A Guide To UTV & ATV Tires and Wheels

by Tire Agent Staff

UTVs and ATVs are designed for tough and uneven surfaces, so they need the right tires and wheels, which we explain in this guide to ATV and UTV wheels and tires.


Best Tires For Electric Cars

by Tire Agent Staff

As more drivers switch from gas to electric, tire manufacturers are ramping up their offerings to support these EVs. Shop EV tires for Tesla, Audi, Nissan and more.


What Is Tire Rolling Resistance, and Why Is It Important?

by Tire Agent Staff

What does it mean when a tire is labeled with low rolling resistance? Are roll resistant tires good or bad? What are the pros and cons? Plus, a list of low rolling resistant tires.


Your Vehicle’s Worst Enemy: Potholes

by Tire Agent Staff

What causes potholes? Does insurance cover pothole damage? Where to report potholes? What states are the worst for potholes?


Best (And Worst) Ways to Save on Gas

by Tire Agent Staff

To save money on gas, start by changing your driving habits and following these basic tips. Plus, we present some myths about how to save car fuel.


Should I Rent-to-Own or Finance My Tires And Wheels?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is the difference between tire financing, wheel financing and 90 days same as cash. We explain how tire financing works.


How Are Car Wheels Made? A Glimpse Into Car Wheel Manufacturers

by Tire Agent Staff

Understanding how wheels are made can help you understand which after-market wheels to buy for your vehicle, as well as why some cost more than others.

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